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While Escobar was the notorious "Cocaine King" - who netted a [euro]25billion fortune before dying in a police raid in 1993 - it was the money launderers and fixers who made the illegal trade tick.
Once the company goes public, the money launderer can sell his or her stake, thereby giving funds the appearance of having been derived from a legitimate securities transaction," said the report.
He said while some "major player" in the plot remained on the run, 13 of those involved had been caught and convicted, despite claiming they were "innocent traders duped by other wicked fraudsters and money launderers".
World-Check says Rijock is believed to be the only former banking lawyer-turned career money launderer who actively consults with law enforcement and the financial community.
The successful money launderer closely approximates legal transactions employed routinely by legitimate businesses.
Federal law and many state statutes require reports on transactions involving more than $10,000, and money launderers must find ways to circumvent these requirements.
A miscast Ewan McGregor plays a teacher who, on holiday with his wife (Naomie Harris), becomes embroiled in a sinister - not to mention impenetrable - conspiracy involving the Russian mafia, the British Secret Service and a money launderer.
The money launderer was ordered to cough up as far back as 2008.
The money launderer simply takes out a single or annual premium life insurance policy and deposits plenty of money into it.
Assisting a money launderer can mean 14 years imprisonment and a fine.