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Of course, as a parent, you want to protect your children, but teaching them basic money management is a great life skill that will protect them on the long run.
But while money management offers all of the above benefits, it also creates challenges, the biggest of which deal with compliance.
The study polled consumers on three aspects of financial literacy, including their basic money-management skills, investment knowledge and financial planning, to determine the level of basic money management skills in terms of budgeting, savings, and responsibility of credit usage.
The initiative provides accredited, free-of-charge financial education training to college staff and community workers to give them the skills they need to talk confidently about money management and to support their learners to stay out of debt and save for the future.
Participants will be offered teaching on good money management skills, budgeting tips and overall advice on how to curtail expenditure.
The money management software will be called MyMoney and like competition products, will be available on the Software as a Service (SaaS) model.
Money Management editor Janet Walford said: "Without doubt, payouts from withprofits policies have been falling steadily in recent years due to volatile markets, low interest rates and the burden of meeting high guarantees."
The game is designed to educate youngsters on money management issues ranging from things such as preparing a budget, spending responsibly and using credit cards wisely.
"Your Money Milestones: A Guide to Making the 9 Most Important Financial Decisions of Your Life" is a guide to money management, how to make wise financial decisions so the cash flow of one's life goes upwards instead of down.
This 223-page, 'user friendly', informed and informative guide to sound money management and financial well-being begins by addressing the psychology of money management and financial behavior, then goes on to address a variety of relevant issues including goal setting (financial freedom, not retirement!), planning and budgeting, the proper uses of credit, home mortgages, investments, and more.
The product integrates all commonly viewed account information--electronic bills and payments, account balances, transfers and personal money management tools--onto a single screen.
In addition to learning a great deal about money management, the students are providing banking services to school administrators and teachers.