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The new FOCUS-based anti-money laundering system was designed as a comprehensive solution to capture suspicious transactions involving money orders, funds transfers, and stored value cards at USPS outlets.
Historically, ACE used the cash from money order sales as its primary source of working capital.
After consulting with the postmaster, the clerk eventually cashed the money orders, but he and the postmaster were apparently still suspicious because they notified the U.
A complaint was received against Riaz Muhammad Rashid, the then Money Order Clerk D.
Raise the height of the drop box to three feet or more from the floor so when residents drop off their checks or money orders the rent check will fall directly to the floor and not in a box that can be accessed from the outside.
Though India Post has introduced electronic variants in the form of eMO and iMO, the e-Post Office will re-vamp the money order thoroughly, after 130 years of its launch, by harnessing the state of art information technology.
Unable to track him down, they began to seek advice on how to get the money orders returned to their rightful owner.
Perhaps Nexus might reconsider this policy, and include the acceptance of over-the-counter cheques and money orders in their much vaunted "plans for the future", rather than adopt the usual complacent attitude that no one accepts cheques any more.
A travel agent selling traveler's checks, a grocery store offering check cashing and a convenience store selling money orders, for example, would be considered MSBs.
Investigators later seized an additional USD9,000 in money orders which the family had allegedly asked another person to take to Iran.
Currently, customers can conduct American Express ATM transactions, purchase Western Union money orders and money transfers, pay bills through Western Union's Quick Collect payment service and cash checks through Certegy Check Services.
So for Ed Morgan, treasurer of Mapco Express, a convenience store operator in the Southeast that does a heavy volume in money orders, an online system that allows for easy reconciliation of exception items has proven to be a big asset.