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Money-grabbing mobile phone boss Jamie Bowes is flogging credit card secrets to conmen.
MONEY-grabbing George Osborne's new rules on child benefit were branded "incoherent" and "fundamentally" flawed by experts yesterday.
Did any member of the public for one minute think that these money-grabbing parasites would respond in favour of rejecting this luxury?
Not only is this yet another money-grabbing scheme by the Post Office, but also daylight robbery, because I never received my letter.
This egotistical, self righteous, grinning individual is literally sending troops into the Valley of Death while his pretentious, money-grabbing wife spouts human rights.
Whilst I most certainly applaud Mr Moore's opinions and his obvious love of Wales, I cannot help but wonder what future visitors to Wales will think of our magnificent 'Wild Wales' scenery when they will undoubtedly be surrounded by the wind turbine generators of numerous windfarms that are being planted mindlessly by highly subsidised money-grabbing developers, aided by a UK government promoting windfarms, who do so for no better reason than to appear to be 'politically correct' in their hope to appease the Green lobby.
And he added: "Despite all the spin-doctoring and image-presenting that so much money has been spent on, the FA is seen as a money-grabbing, increasingly overbearing organisation.
Diannah is very upset about being called a money-grabbing bitch.
Yep, because the lies would be so much worse than the hysterical TV rants, the shameless outbursts on the court steps, the money-grabbing financial tactics, the occasions on which it was proved she was less than candid and the career in soft porn.
The ex-model from Washington was portrayed as a money-grabbing floozy who only dated Paul McCartney for his cash.
AT LAST, a councillor who thinks more about representing the people of Coventry than money-grabbing.
But now it's just another money-grabbing corporation that puts profit in front of people.