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MONEY-GRABBING English ticket touts have sparked a security alert over the powder-keg Old Firm Scottish Cup Final.
Both of these money-grabbing issues should be viewed as a slap in the face to every property owner affected by the assessments.
It's a case of putting the cart before the horse and as bosses continue the money-grabbing, 29 of them will be paid [euro]100,000 or more.
Abolish legal aid and you will see the lawyers in their true light as money-grabbing parasites.
Was this man advised by money-grabbing solicitors to plead not guilty, thereby torturing the poor relatives even more?
Not only is this yet another money-grabbing scheme by the Post Office, but also daylight robbery, because I never received my letter.
I groaned thinking it would be another attack on politicians for being power-seeking money-grabbing low-lifes.
What we are saying is that he is a grubby, money-grabbing little man with the moral conscience of a polecat.
Has the Government gone made again or are they just the same spineless, pathetic, money-grabbing scum which has been running this country down for the last 10 years?
She makes all divorced women look like greedy, money-grabbing ladies of leisure who have only to drop a sprog to retire to the sofa for the next 20 years.
Money-grabbing mobile phone boss Jamie Bowes is flogging credit card secrets to conmen.
MONEY-grabbing George Osborne's new rules on child benefit were branded "incoherent" and "fundamentally" flawed by experts yesterday.