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Schools are neither an industry nor a money-making sector.'
"NOW Telecom is suing NTC to protect its public shareholders and President Rodrigo Duterte from any suspicion that he is complicit to the money-making schemes in the [Terms of Reference] for the third telco," NOW Corp.
This was another money-making craze, with law and auditing firms bringing thousands of foreign depositors to the banks for hefty 'finder's fees'.
He expressed concern that the localized peace talks would breathe life into the previous Aquino administration's supposed money-making schemes against the activists and government critics.
"For any money-making endeavor, the most valuable resource is capital, so big expenditures need to be initiated very carefully.
The apprentices dreamed up money-making plans, including washing cars, selling logs and delivering coffee and bacon sandwiches to colleagues.
DUBAI -- The Philippine Consulate General in Dubai, on Monday, denied allegations that notarising the Affidavit of Support and Guarantee (AoS & G) has been imposed as a 'money-making scheme' by the diplomatic missions and urged the Filipino organisations to come to the Consulate for a peaceful discussion and resolution of their concerns.
Greed and easy money-making fever has gripped Bahrain severely.
Summary: The Government should promote money-making sites such as eBay to drive poorer people online, according to a consumer watchdog.
It seems this has become a lucrative money-making scheme for councils across the land.
Terry Phillips, from Canton, Cardiff, said he feared the council's plans would be a "money-making" scheme and said many were worried about a Draconian crackdown on parking violations.
This is the perfect business for the leather-lover who wants to extend their interest and hobby into a money-making business.