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Using the MongoDB example, consider testing the version of the applicant's MongoDB, and limit the percent of companies in your portfolio that run on MongoDB.
This allows a SQL query to span Hadoop, MongoDB, Oracle, or other databases and--at least in theory--to do so in an efficient and optimal manner.
In particular, to process and analyze unstructured data, the proposed system utilizes MongoDB, a non-relational database, in place of the existing relational database.
Our contribution lies in providing scale independence for querying graph database and mongodb in hadoop environment.
One of main motivations to choose MongoDB database came from the fact that MongoLab [20] service offers up to 500MB of free storage for a single-machine instance of MongoDB.
Building on the open source community edition, TokuMX Enterprise Edition delivers a standard MongoDB distribution plus a built-in performance engine to meet the needs of Big Data applications.
The Big Data buzz word even managed to transcend from the enterprise IT world to become a hot topic for business publications and journals in 2012, with MongoDB claiming considerable mindshare among web developers who traditionally relied on MySQL.
big data skills are in demand, as evidenced by $100,000-plus salaries for tech pros who use Hadoop, NoSQL and MongoDB.
MongoDB is a "schema-less" database which stores its data in BSON (Binary JSON).
Also at this year's event, a panel of database experts from MySQL, Oracle, MongoDB and other organizations will explore the challenges and differences of database systems and their applications in the cloud.
PHP and MongoDB Web Development" discusses how to use MongoDB and PHP to create a unique Web 2.
For example, you can install the MongoDB backend to use MongoDB as the database instead of the other SQL-based options.