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It was reported that the medicine contains the saliva of the monitor lizard and could help cure diabetes.
Even the first, on monitor lizards, was "truly shocking," says vertebrate paleontologist Mathew Wedel of Western University of Health Sciences in Pomona, Calif.
Wildlife officials are also concerned that Nile monitor lizards may be feeding on the eggs of the endangered burrowing owl.
Monitor lizards six feet long resembled big dogs swimming.
5 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- At Reptile Clan Rescue of Florida, we rescue reptiles, including Reptiles of Concern (ROCs) such as Burmese and Reticulated Pythons, Nile Monitor lizards and Anacondas, from folks who are either unable to take care of their own reptiles any longer, don't have an ROC license, or who have found abandoned reptiles
Their drownings are an essential natural event that sustains the crocs, monitor lizards, vultures, storks, raptors and other life that depend on this infusion of nourishment.
Living Dragon: A Natural History of the World's Monitor Lizards.
Boat safaris up the Shire river offer a different view of crocs and hippos with their pink ears and nostrils breaking the surface at close range, elephants feeding, white-breasted cormorants, monitor lizards, and families of grazing warthogs, impala, kudu and sable.
Four foot long monitor lizards, chinchillas and even a skunk will arrive to entertain those at Castel Froma care centre in Lillington Road on Thursday.
Located by a section of the Luangwa river, a prime location for some of the biggest predators in Zambia, the hippo will have been in the sights of the notoriously vicious honey badger, leopards, lions, Nile crocodiles, hyenas, wild dogs, baboons, monitor lizards and marabou storks: known as the 'undertaker birds' and which use their 10-foot wingspan to swoop down and see off other smaller vultures.
The massive haul included snakes, turtles, monitor lizards and civets, worth more than Au80,000.
Customs Department director-general Prasong Poontaneat said officials confiscated 2,721 monitor lizards, 717 turtles, 44 civets and 20 snakes after stopping a truck in the southern province of Prachuap Khiri Khan.