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The monitor lizard is currently under observation, and once deemed fit will be released back to its natural habitat.
Amritsar, July 17 ( ANI ): Wildlife authorities here have retrieved an endangered monitor lizard from a poultry farm on Amritsar Tarn Taran Road.
Moreover, the commercial exploitation of freshwater turtles, monitor lizards and Spinay tailed lizards needs to be controlled.
Living Dragon: A Natural History of the World's Monitor Lizards. Blandford, London, pp: 160.
Now in a softcover edition with simple yet bright, desert-colored illustrations, The Lizard Gang the exploits of monitor lizards Zed, Boo, Eliza and Zorro, who sometimes argue which one of them is best at different things.
With their blue tongues, beaded skin, and daggerlike claws, Nile monitor lizards are prized exotic pets.
Erjan Ibrahim, 41, kept his collection of reptiles, which included four large monitor lizards, four boa constrictor snakes and four alligators, in the basement at the home he shared with Hazel Wright and her three children in Northampton.
If the Ornate Shrub Lizard looks fierce to you, check out the monitor lizards.
Malaysian police arrested six men for allegedly attempting to smuggle out hundreds of endangered monitor lizards to Hong Kong and Thailand, the official news agency Bernama reported Friday.
Monitor lizards and snakes rely on other senses to find prey.
The facility has reportedly had a problem with everything from corruption to animals, including cobras, monitor lizards and rats.
Remember those seven-foot-long monitor lizards that showed up living in the Cape Coral canals five years ago or so and have now spread over onto Pine Island?