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MONOGAMY. A marriage contracted between one man and one woman, in exclusion of all the rest of mankind; it is used in opposition to bigamy and polygamy. (q.v.) Wolff, Dr. de la Nat. Sec. 857. The state of having only one husband or one wife at one time.

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Given that these Single individuals were reporting about a previous monogamous relationship that had terminated, it is not surprising to see less satisfaction reported.
I definitely don't believe in a monogamous relationship for life.
It signifies that they are in a completely monogamous relationship.
Now researchers led by Zuoxin Wang of Florida State University in Tallahassee report that male voles in a monogamous relationship eschew amphetamine, while single males find it strongly rewarding.
Health Canada regulations exclude sexually active gay men as donors, regardless of their medical condition or whether they are in a monogamous relationship.
The ageing US lothario, who has lived with many models at his Playboy Mansion, has reportedly now rejected the other girls - so he can enjoy a wholly monogamous relationship with the glamorous 24-year-old Midlander.
If you want to have that debate one more time, I'm ready; and I'm willing, but what I can say I know: God has called me to be a minister, and God has loved me--that is why I am married in a monogamous relationship with another man, and I thank God for that.
We asked the respondents to assume that they were in a monogamous relationship and that they had had sex with someone other than the primary partner.
As somebody who has been in a monogamous relationship for many years, and argued vehemently against tying the knot, it's always welcome to gather more ammunition for those dinner-table arguments about whether marriage is necessary.
This means that family planning providers should counsel users of hormonal contraceptives--as well as other methods--to use condoms consistently and correctly with each sexual act if they are not in a mutually monogamous relationship with an uninfected partner.
If there is no dysplasia and if she is in a monogamous relationship and her partner is willing, I would be open to waiting several months to see if regression might occur without treatment," he said in an interview.
ATEAM's site calls abstinence until marriage the ``expected standard for all school-age children; a mutual faithful monogamous relationship in context of marriage is the expected standard of human sexual activity, and sexual activity outside the context of marriage is likely to have harmful psychological and physical effects.