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MONOGAMY. A marriage contracted between one man and one woman, in exclusion of all the rest of mankind; it is used in opposition to bigamy and polygamy. (q.v.) Wolff, Dr. de la Nat. Sec. 857. The state of having only one husband or one wife at one time.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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"I have always had ethical problems with closed relationships and monogamy. I regard love as great and sacred, and for anything to contradict that seems unethical to me.
I hope there is elegance in the simple distinction between the ideals that distinguish the two cultures: monogamy and polymorphous serial polygamy, or "polyamory" for short.
Bipedalism and increased brain size had led to an increase in the number of years during which the child required parental supervision, which in turn encouraged the practice of monogamy and some limited expansion in the use of verbal symbols.
In a context of compulsory monogamy, men have been infecting wives, girlfriends and lovers with any number of venereal diseases long before the discovery of HIV.
Although abstinence, monogamy and condom use are effective for preventing infection, they require participation of the male partner, which is problematic for many women.
She seeks to determine why Christian monogamy was idealized to the exclusion of all other possible forms of marriage.
Now he has released his most provocative book, Embracing Monogamy in the Face of Temptation: The Black Man's Guide to Commitment.
5 ADAM PHILLIPS MONOGAMY (Vintage) The British psychologist argues that the word we is "an exaggeration of the word /.
LADDISM is dead, according to a survey published today, which shows the majority of men believe in monogamy, marriage, and want to have children.
Meanwhile, the Warner Brothers say that gay men must not be restricted in their sexual activity by considerations of marriage, monogamy, or even health risks.
The rules of sexual ecology that gay men are alleged to have violated include indiscriminate selection of sexual partners, failure to practice serial and/or longterm monogamy with sexual partners, participation in unhealthy sexual practices such as "rimming" (oral-anal sexual contact), and failing to avoid alcohol and substance use during sex.
"The same things that protect you from AIDS, such as abstinence [not having sex] or monogamy [limiting sex to one (uninfected) partner], will protect you from every other STI," says Dr.