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MONOGRAM. A character or cipher composed of one or more letters interwoven, being an abbreviation of a name.
     2. A signature made by a monogram would perhaps be binding, provided it could be proved to have been made and intended as a signature. 1 Denio, R. 471. And there seems to be no reason why such a signature should not be as binding as one which is altogether illegible. See Initial; Mark; Signature.

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But, two or three weeks ago, Twemlow, sitting over his newspaper, and over his dry-toast and weak tea, and over the stable-yard in Duke Street, St James's, received a highly-perfumed cocked-hat and monogram from Mrs Veneering, entreating her dearest Mr T.
The ceiling was completely covered with names, dates, and monograms, done with candle-smoke.
Also say that I have altered my mind about the satin, which I wish to be tamboured with crochet-work; also, that tambour is to be used with monograms on the various garments.
The transition from Catholic to Protestant worship had been bridged by a time of disuse, when there were no services, and the place was used for storing jars of oil, liqueur, and deck-chairs; the hotel flourishing, some religious body had taken the place in hand, and it was now fitted out with a number of glazed yellow benches, claret-coloured footstools; it had a small pulpit, and a brass eagle carrying the Bible on its back, while the piety of different women had supplied ugly squares of carpet, and long strips of embroidery heavily wrought with monograms in gold.
Louis Vuitton customers say "mais oui" to Mon Monogram, a trend-spurring service that lets you customize their totes, wallets and more with bands of color and initials.
If you're craft-savvy, there are online tutorials on creating your own monogram using Photoshop or Word programs, and then affixing them to all sorts of things.
Monogram is a fully integrated self-managed real estate investment trust that invests in, develops and operates high-quality multifamily communities offering location and lifestyle amenities.
We think Monogram offers robust growth potential and is a good fit with our differentiated investment strategy.
Founded in 2004 with the purchase of King Cotton and Circle B brand meats from Sara Lee Corporation, Monogram Foods is headquartered in Memphis, Tenn.
com is a leading retailer of sterling silver jewelry and personalized jewelry, including monogram, engraved, and birthstone jewelry.
Monogram invests in stabilized operating properties and properties in various phases of development, with a focus on communities in select markets across the United States.