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Only a few poets consistently and consciously avoid this strategy, but they strike me as mere monologists.
Arguing that women use autobiography and performance for expression and as a means of controlling their public and private selves, the contributors of these 11 essays examine the lives and work of a variety of artists ranging from actors as working women in the eighteenth century to monologists and performance artists today.
Apart from the singing we were entertained by story tellers, monologists, comedians and a whole variety of artists, both amateur and professional.
113) A number of American monologists and lecturers on humor occupied the British platform in the later 1850s, of whom perhaps the most successful was Stephen Rumbold, who toured in 1859-60 with a comic lecture on contemporary literature.
But it's apparent that you are not working in the same genre as monologists such as Gray and Keillor, which is why I think of your work--but not theirs--as poetry (which is not an evaluative comment but a comment on genre).
4) In both cases, the monologues are "cast in first-person/present tense" ("Exchange" 265), and the monologists become "substitute" narrators.