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Possible concerns about the veracity of Idaios' statement derive from the questions of whether he can relay Zeus' thoughts and whether his comment is appropriate considering the way the Aias/Hektor monomachia ended.
A closer look at the end of the Aias/Hektor monomachia, however, indicates that stopping the battle did not necessarily hurt Aias:
Since Apollo's behavior in the two passages is identical up until Hektor resumes fighting, it is likely that, had the Aias/Hektor monomachia continued, Apollo would have helped Hektor as he helps him eight books later.
Athena and Apollo, like all the seated soldiers, are part of the audience to the Aias/Hektor monomachia.
Still, it is possible that she simply did not feel that the Aias/Hektor monomachia was the sort of event that required her intervention.