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Veron, Problemes devolution du second ordre associes a des operateurs monotones, C.
In other market highlights, Reed introduces Good Earth, a monotone gardening damask featuring watering cans, seed packs, and the like in five colors.
We've added more films and live music including fabulous covers band Monotones on the Sunday.
The programme included Monotones II, now recognised as a classic in the Ashton canon.
That's not the case with Monotones, which I learned many years ago but never performed.
Other than Ashton, Morris is surely the only choreographer who also might have created that Duncan solo for Seymour, or Monotones.
Indeed, NBC performed La Fille real gardee and Monotones II during its July 1977 New York season at the Met
After an icy sip of Sir Frederick Ashton's Monotones II (1965), they were served a heated Tarantella--the Balanchine ballet originally created in 1964 for Patricia McBride and Edward Villella.
The program, which should be different each weekend, is likely to include the completed Footnotes; revivals of Trinity, Suite Saint-Saens, Italian Suite, Sea Shadow, and Monotones I and II; new works by Randy Duncan and Laura Dean; and the newly acquired Caught by David Parsons.
He was astute in his choice of masterworks for the two-week season: Kurt Jooss's Green Table, Frederick Ashton's Monotones I and II, and the pas de six from Arthur Saint-Leon's La Vivandiere.
The first mixed program that Anderson put together in December 1996, which used every principal in the company, included Balanchine's The Four Temperaments and Ashton's Monotones, both new to Stuttgart, as well as an original work by Italian choreographer Mauro Bigonzetti.
The Four Temperaments was followed by Frederick Ashton's Monotones, not exactly the Stuttgarters' cup of tea, though decently performed by Bridget Breiner, Delphine Seignolle, and Thomas Lempertz in the opening "Gnossiennes" section, and by Celia Verignon, Roland Vogel, and Ivan Cavallari in the subsequent "Gymnopedies.

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