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In summary, [OMEGA] is a monotonic function in the search segments; thus, Assumption 1 is verified.
As demonstrated for various types of binary blends, the blend modulus is always a monotonic function of the blend composition because no interfacial debonding occurs at small strains, at which the blend moduli are routinely measured.
Some related references and a detailed collection of the most important properties of the completely monotonic functions can be found in [5] and [6, Chapter IV].
Merovci, Logarithmically completely monotonic functions involving the generalized Gamma Function, Le Matematiche LXV, Fasc.
Mortici, Complete monotonic functions associated with gamma function and applications, Carpathian J.
We will take care of two types of functions: one is the family of monotonic functions with singularities, which normally are computed as 'improper' Riemann integrals, but now they are direct results from Henstock-Kurzweil definition.
5 since [upsilon]([theta]) and [eta]([theta]) are not monotonic functions on [-1, 0].
Modeling reading rate performance could be constructed as the difference of two monotonic functions and be the algebraic sum of increase and decrease in reading rate with print size increase.
For monotonic functions only computations on bounds are required

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