Montes pietatis

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MONTES PIETATIS, or Monts de Piete. The name of institutions established by public authority for lending money upon pledge of goods. In those establishments a fund is provided, with suitable warehouses, and all necessary accommodations. Directors, manage these concerns. When the money for which the goods pledged is not returned in proper time, the goods are sold to reimburse the institutions.
     2. These establishments are found principally on the continent of Europe. With us private persons, called pawnbrokers, perform this office, sometimes with doubtful fidelity. See Bell's Com. B. 5, c. 2, s. 2.

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L'affectation des amendes aux monts de piete, dont il vaudrait la peine de voir si elle est frequente ou non, permet d'operer une forme de conversion des richesses equivalentes a l'aumone mais sans doute plus efficace, le mont de piete etant d'un secours plus puissant que la seule charite.
In the first of these two chapters, he traces the emergence of religious confraternities and the development of local bureaus of charity, as well as the spread of institutions of Italian origin - the mont de piete where the poor could pawn their possessions and the grenier d'abondance which assured a supply of seed grain to the poorest farmers.