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In summary, the LMEB, with physiognomic and floristic similarities to the lower montane evergreen broad-leaved forest in mainland southeast Asia, is part of the later; the SWEB and UMEB, which have the highest ratio of Sino-Himalayan and Chinese endemic species in their floristic compositions, are unique in southwestern China, although the UMEB has similar physiognomic features to the upper montane forest in tropical Asia.
ii) Is there some decoupling in the richness and floristic composition between lower and upper strata of montane forest and scrub phytophysiognomies?
These areas correspond to the Pacific Tropical Rainforest, northern Montane Forest, and Amazon Lowland Rainforest (Fig.
Growth, net production, litter decomposition, and net nitrogen accumulation by epiphytic bryophytes in a tropical montane forest. Biotropica, 30:12-23.
Observations on the ecology of the black-and-chestnut eagle (Oroaetus isidori) in a montane forest of southeastern Peru.
Samples were taken fortnightly between March 2010 and February 2011, for an uninterrupted period of 2 h each samples, in a fragment of about 400 ha of native vegetation, characterized by semideciduous montane forest, riparian forest and open grassland formations, known as the "Mata do Bau", in Barroso, MG, Brazil (Menini-Neto et al.
The tributaries tested in #7 are mostly north-south aligned streams with the west facing slopes getting the afternoon solar loading as they do along the upper Wood and Salmon River HWs, but the opposing east facing slopes support more closed montane forest stands and are positioned at a lower solar incident angle in the afternoon sun in both the spring and fall.
Above 900 metres, a local variant of lower montane forest becomes increasingly established, eventually dominating the southern rim of the basin at 1,025 metres.