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Wiens, "Monteggia fracture dislocations in children," The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery, British Volume, vol.
During the patient's 42-day hospital course, he also underwent uncomplicated fixation of his tibial plateau and Monteggia fractures. The Foley catheter was discontinued after his last orthopaedic operation (hospital day 18).
PATIENTS AND MATHODS We studied 11 patients which were cases of missed Monteggia fracture dislocation reporting to Combined Military Hospital Rawalpindi from May 2007 to May 2009.
More recent case series have included floating elbow variants including ipsilateral diaphyseal humeral fracture with proximal ulna fracture, and proximal radioulnar joint disruption (Monteggia fracture); ipsilateral diaphyseal humeral fracture, elbow dislocation, and diaphyseal ulna and radius fracture; and distal humerus fractures with intraarticular fractures of the olecranon or radial head [5,7].
(1) The condition is usually bilateral, but some unilateral cases have been described, (1,2) making it difficult to establish a differential diagnosis against a previous undiagnosed Monteggia fracture. The condition can occur both anteriorly or posteriorly, but with morphological alterations of capitellar development (absence or hypoplasia of the capitellar nucleus of ossification) or rounding of the radial head (in posterior dislocations).