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Before continuing, I'll acknowledge that moods might seem like an unsophisticated subject for serious research.
Natural supplements are a great way to take control of moods and other symptoms during menopause.
Individuals in positive moods who make healthier food choices are often thinking more about future health benefits than those in negative moods, who focus more on the immediate taste and sensory experience.
The findings of all the studies combined contribute to current research by demonstrating that individuals can select healthy or indulgent foods depending on their moods, an area previously under-represented in past clinical research on the role of healthy foods.
Growing evidence suggests that gloomy moods improve key types of thinking and behavior, Forgas asserts in a new review paper aptly titled "Don't worry, be sad
The natural ingredient shows a striking similarity to valproic acid, used to smooth out the moods of people with manic-depressive conditions.
Sheri takes a prescription medication for her fatigue, and also uses relaxation techniques to help her cope with changing moods.
And by identifying the physical and emotional factors that affect our moods, we can actually work on banishing the bad ones for good.
LOS ANGELES -- Oral contraceptive pills do not cause mood swings or depression in most adolescents.
When it comes to deciding if I should medicate my moods, I am, as we say in my academic field, situated at the intersection of conflicting discourses.