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LAWS, RHODIAN, maritime. law. A code of laws adopted by the people of Rhodes, who had, by their commerce and naval victories, obtained the sovereignty of the sea, about nine hundred. years before the Christian era. There is reason to suppose this code has not been transmitted to posterity, at least not in a perfect state. A collection of marine constitutions, under the denomination of Rhodian Laws, may be seen in Vinnius, but they bear evident marks of a spurious origin. See Marsh. Ins. B. 1, c. 4, p. 15; this Dict. Code; Laws of Oleron; Laws of Wisbuy; Laws of the Hanse Towns.

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At that point, Moore's Law will really kick in and the clock will start for second generation Ultrium drives, an effort that is already reportedly progressing well.
And therein lies the ultimate downfall of Moore's Law.
Most importantly, the notion embedded in Moore's Law that computers can outpace human linear thinking with their ability to process exponentially remains essential to the digital revolution.
Today, it's no secret Moore's Law is becoming more and more difficult to accomplish.
Jonathan Wilkins of industrial automation supplier European Automation believes that Moore's Law is losing its momentum.
The bulk of the evidence suggests information technology has delivered both technically and economically: it has achieved the promise of Moore's Law in both its narrowest sense of transistor scaling and its broadest effect of widespread economic uplift.
Here, Jonathan Wilkins, marketing director of industrial automation components supplier European Automation, analyses the rate of technological progress and discusses the validity of Moore's Law.
BOHR: Moore's Law is a driving force of technological, economic and social change and is a foundational force in modern life.
At the 2011 International Supercomputing Conference it was conceded that the Moore's Law might not be sufficient to drive processing innovation rapidly forward any longer.
It dawned on me that throughout my career the mantra of Moore's Law has been driving virtually all segments of anything related to technology.