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BEIRUT: Jamal Taha's resignation seemed a moot point Tuesday, as Ansar romped to a 5-1 victory over AlAhli Taiz in Group B of the AFC Cup at Cite Sportive.
The moot point is that as far back as 2007- 08, when he purchased these properties the difference in the offer price and the price paid by him was substantial
Whether or not either of those items can be classed as medicine, however, is a moot point - but they certainly never fail to make me feel better.
While that step seems to make the sexuality of a potential donor a moot point, that's not really the case, said Department of Health spokesman John Muir.
It is a moot point too whether Wahab Riaz might have been selected for this match, were he not due on Tuesday to become the fourth Pakistani player interviewed by police as part of their investigations into reported corruption - while a back injury continues to rule out all-rounder Abdul Razzaq.
Sadly, the Belles were only on a onematch loan from Rugby League outfit Wakefield Trinity Wildcats - and whether they will be back next season if this is the best Oakwell has to offer is a moot point.
While there is 'no unbroken "golden thread'" of rebellion and while there are decades without rebellions, the rebellion is part of our national heritage, especially if we, like Mr Horspool, define demonstrating as a 'synonym for rebellion' (a moot point).
Whether it could out shoot Freds' is a moot point but as present day conversions go we'd give the 2211 a first place finish.
"We grant this will likely become a moot point within six months, as Apple incorporates new FASB accounting rules and recognizes more iPhone sales at time of sale.
But it is a moot point, says Hamas in an official statement to the press.
Before making his decision, he said earlier this year in an interview (NOTE--WITH DAVID) he was mulling over his decision: "If I don't try for re-election," he said on that occasion," it will mean my opponents have won." Still, it remains a moot point whether the EU institutions have heard the last from him; it is not yet know whether he will ask for another post at the Commission--the right of ex-Commission officials elected to the parliament.
While Christmas 2008 is now a moot point for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, the perennial nature of the Potter franchises--and the fact that Half-Blood Prince is part of a series, and not a one-shot deal--makes the Warner decision unpopular, but not tragic.