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delay. In Scots law it is argued that delay, even a delay short of any prescriptive or limitation period, might bar a right.

MORA, In civil law. This term, in mora, is used to denote that a party to a contract, who is obliged to do anything, has neglected to perform it, and is in default. Story on Bailm. Sec. 123, 259; Jones on Bailm. 70; Poth. Pret a Usage, c. 2, Sec. 2, art. 2, n. 60; Encyclopedie, mot Demeure; Broderode, mot Mora.

MORA, estates. A moor, barren or unprofitable ground; marsh; a heath. 1 Inst. 5; Fleta, lib. 2, c. 71.

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Kingad was supposed to face Gianni Subba but the Malaysian fighter was called up to serve as a replacement to Moraes, who pulled out of the headliner against Reece McLaren due to an injury he suffered in training.
I was excited about my bout with Moraes because it would have been a clash of two best flyweights entering their primes.
The 26-year-old resident of Gold Coast, Australia admitted that there was a tinge of disappointment when he received the news that Moraes was forced to withdraw from the championship clash.
Claude Moraes said: Member States cannot dodge their responsibilities; todays verdict has shown this.
Al Taher went into the lead when Moraes latched on to a clever back-heel from Cosme and Jashak turned in to give them a 4-2 advantage.
Actualmente doutorando em Arte Contemporanea no Colegio das Artes da Universidade de Coimbra, Felippe Moraes e um artista plastico representado pela proeminente Galeria Baro de Sao Paulo, tendo sido, entre outras relevantes distincoes, escolhido como finalista do Premio EDP (SP) e financiado pelo Premio Arte Monumento 2016 (FUNARTE).
BEIRUT: The Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice, and Home Affairs, led by Chairman Claude Moraes, will visit Lebanon from 19 until 22 September, the EU mission in Beirut said in a statement.
Mr Moraes said police acted because the group had been discussing the use of weapons to potentially launch an attack during the Games, which begin on August 5.
Justice minister Alexandre de Moraes said 10 suspects had been detained and two more were being sought.
The police detained 10 people and issued two other warrants for suspected ISIS sympathizers still at large, Justice Minister Alexandre de Moraes confirmed told reporters Thursday.
AS proposals go it was a pretty unusual one but Paolo Eduardo clearly has scrum-thing going for him as his girlfriend Jessica Moraes said yes.