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It's moral relativism, sure, and, once again, there is no point trying to defend Suarez.
Maybe moral relativism has taken too strong a hold on today's society.
If moral relativism is true, then we should not ask whether an act is good or bad in the abstract, but only whether it is good or bad in a particular situation.
Perhaps the weakest chapter is that on Moral Relativism.
In A Time to Speak: Selected Writings and Arguments (ISI Books, 2008), Bork claims that nothing encourages moral relativism so blatantly and effectively as "radical individualism or autonomy" in the law, which he sees as the "leading feature of modern constitutional adjudication.
Below this text is a statement that says he believes in moral absolutes such as the Commandments rather than moral relativism such as the Humanist Manifesto.
Conseqentialism, essentially denies objective truth and leads to moral relativism.
We will have to become more and more used to religious pluralism, with respect for the others, without falling into doctrinal or moral relativism," Patriarch Daniel said at the Conference of European Churches.
This very compact summary of how relativism has developed is followed by a taxonomy of the various kinds of relativism that have emerged in the modern world--relativism of "things," of "the mind and senses," "cognitive relativism," "ethical and/or moral relativism," and "cultural relativism.
Zilioli's principal evidence for Protagoras' moral relativism consists in Zeus' bestowal of justice and shame on humankind at Protagoras 322c.
Coun Davies is guilty of the moral relativism that so many on the left exhibit.
Most major newspapers and news magazines, political pundits, and social analysts in the United States have heralded, in ever more ominous tones, our society's seemingly inevitable slide into moral relativism.