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Parents are responsible for providing their children with a moral compass. They need to nurture and treasure goodness in their children.
You, sir, are the one who has lost your moral compass!
Seven fascinating profiles feature people in history who, despite the dangers, followed their moral compass rather than obey the rules imposed by the government in power.
Allison Hoffman, Tablet's senior writer and moral compass, has a dispatch today about how the vibrant Syrian Jewish community is branching out from its old digs in the Brooklyn neighborhoods of Midwood and Gravesend and setting up shop uptown in Manhattan.
A broken family serves as a metaphor for a damaged society in potent drama "Children of Sarajevo," the ambitious second feature from Bosnian helmer-writer Aida Begic, whose underlying theme here is the country's lost moral compass as it remains trapped in a torturously slow transition from a state of war.
CORONATION STREET The former Naval recruit's moral compass is about as erratic as a submarine in the Bermuda triangle.
Like the French aristocrats isolated in Versailles before the French Revolution, they don't have any sense of shame and have lost any sense of moral compass.
It is said you lost your moral compass and with that I entirely agree.
He's a fit young guy with no moral compass, an uncontrollable ego and a problem keeping his tackle in his trousers...
Never mind a 'moral compass,' with local and national LibDems heading in opposite directions any old magnetic compass would help them.
Let us adopt a consistent, moral compass in future.
Any moral compass he may once have possessed has long since seized up and rusted beyond repair.