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Let's accept that Haidt's moral foundations are a roughly accurate account of how we think about moral questions.
Detha utilizes the common folklore symbolism of kings, thieves, and talking animals to delve into the important moral questions of modernity, ultimately producing literature that surpasses its oral roots in richness.
This beautifully acted, one-off play poses serious moral questions of the torments involved in army life, but is guilty only of being a superb drama.
Sixth form students addressed the medical and moral questions that an ageing population poses for Britain.
The law is largely secular and often, begrudgingly, devoid of any moral questions.
Work published and spread throughout the world, he presents readers an entertaining collection focusing on stories that tackle moral questions and choices that people wouldn't normally face in our typical reality.
Women in Indian villages believe they are offering the hair from their shaved heads to the gods, but what really happens to the hair raises some troubling moral questions.
There are ethical and moral questions when a couple weigh up whether to protect the baby this way but it's far better than having both breasts removed.
BEP said that each issue focuses on one contemporary human rights dilemma that raises major legal and moral questions for ethicists, legal scholars, and policy makers.
In a Wall Street Journal article published around the same time, Journal columnist Susan Lee, while basically sympathetic to the libertarian viewpoint, wrote that libertarian tolerance "comes from indifference to moral questions, not from a greater inborn talent to live and let live.
This work should be read for the kind of defamiliarizing vision that allows us to rethink contemporary and historical understanding of deep moral questions.
Upon reading this anthology, one is encouraged to juxtapose the self-evident truths, ethics and moral questions of yesterday to the ethics and moral questions of today.