moral responsibility

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These justifications release those who produce the events from moral responsibility.
But before my God I never meant it to turn out as it did; though I admit and have always admitted that my moral responsibility is but little if any the less on that account.
They complacently assumed a necessary progress towards which they had no moral responsibility.
There needs to be some kind of moral responsibility among such creators to ensure that the content produced is well researched before being posted for consumption by all age groups.
Summary: It is the legal and moral responsibility of a divorced man to maintain his minor children from his previous marriage
Asserting on the piousness of the 'Guru- Shishya' relationship Kovind said that it was our moral responsibility to pay respect and regard to our teachers.
He calls this the value-of-choice account of moral responsibility, and uses it to measure the moral merits of private law--for present purposes limited to contract and tort law.
From BESA Movement expect Mayors of Gazi Baba, Aracinovo and Skopje to resign and take political and moral responsibility because they failed to well-manage the infrastructure.
We have moral responsibility towards the brotherly Libyan people, because the security of Algeria and Tunisia is the security of Libya," Baccouche told a joint news conference with his Algerian counterpart Ramtane Lamamra in Algiers.
As a determinist, I was in total agreement with Vir Narain ("Determinism, Free Will, and Moral Responsibility," Philosophically Speaking, N/D 2014) right up to the last paragraph, when he undid his finely honed thesis.
Stoyanova, chair of the parliamentary budget committee, urged the managerial board of Bulgaria's Central Bank (BNB) to assume the moral responsibility for the problems of Corporate Commercial Bank (KTB).
Goodin, a world-renowned political philosopher, develop in their book nuanced definitions of complicity and similar terms, offer an original account of moral responsibility for complicity, and apply their account to two cases of complicity in some depth (to aid organizations in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo after the Rwandan genocide and to physicians' role in torture).