moral science

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"It may be fun to you," said Miss Lindsay sharply; "but it is not very creditable to me, as Miss Wilson said just now, to take a prize in moral science and then have to write down that I don't know how to behave myself.
That's because you don't know as much moral science as I, though I never took a prize in it."
All that they knew was, that they spoke of a glory to be revealed,--a wondrous something yet to come, wherein their soul rejoiced, yet knew not why; and though it be not so in the physical, yet in moral science that which cannot be understood is not always profitless.
Most of the book grapples directly with representatives of the new moral science, such as Jonathan Haidt, Joshua Greene, and Sam Harris.
"Films shouldn't be a moral science class," said Advani in an interview with Gulf News tabloid!.
The workshop also witnessed topics such as activity planning session, cultural activities, both external and internal, literary activities-external and internal, G K and quiz programmes, Qatar history/MOE/Islamic studies, moral science, personality development programme.
Although Sen's argument remains debatable, it is hard to deny that both ethics and engineering approaches contributed significantly to the birth of the so-called 'dismal science.' More important, the mixed origin of economics, which brings about the constant intertwinement between morality and value neutrality in the discipline, casts doubts and vagueness on its identity: Is economics a branch of moral science or a mere engineering-based technique?
The panellists shared their perspective and discussions highlighting the importance of including moral Science as a subject in educational curriculum for the growth of the nation from ground-up.
The theme of the event was to discuss the importance of moral science education in schools and colleges and to include Moral Science as a subject in the educational curriculum.
There is an "elective affinity," they claim, between "the new moral science," "instrumental and technical rationality," and "the cultural and structural dynamics of power at the heart of the contemporary world."
Some factors which could have led to this explosive situation could be the absence of prayer and of moral science classes, the business model of education, profiteering, emotional illiteracy, neglect of physical education, the exclusive focus on scoring high marks, extended school hours both before and after class, blanking out of co-curricular activities, bankruptcy of human values etc.
Sermonising sentences do not appeal to me any longer, for I feel like sitting in a moral science classroom.