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Rudy Roque of Navy, who finished second to Morales last year, returned to the top 10 at No, 9 with 13:42:44, just a slot above Team Franzia's Leonel Dimaano, who slid from No.
President Eligio Mallari submitted a 77-page impeachment complaint against Morales before the House of Representatives' Office of the Secretary General.
He sneaked into her room to look for money but Morales caught him.
Mr Morales also announced he was firing foreign minister Carlos Raul Morales for failure to carry out the expulsion.
Sources from the Property Registry told investigators that Morales Marroqum, in an attempt to help the parents of his former girlfriend, had asked his uncle, Samuel "Sammy" Everardo Morales, President Morales' brother, to find him an invoice to justify the purchase.
Morales related that he then grabbed a knife from the kitchen to slash the tires of his older brother's car and went outside to where the vehicle was parked, according to the judge's findings.
That detective, and another, had been transporting Morales from Florida to Nevada.
The player is seen collapsing to the ground during Sunday's inter-party game against a team led by La Paz mayor Luis Revilla, a former Morales ally.
Morales' opponents say the bill, already partially approved, would give Morales political advantage because it assigns more seats to the poor, indigenous parts of the country.
The Beavers might feel like raffle winners themselves with the contribution that Morales has made this season.
But given that Morales is not yet as mainstream as one would hope and, furthermore, that this volume is such an excellent and otherwise convenient teaching tool, even a couple of paragraphs would have been useful.
Morales will not need surgery for his left knee injury, and he will report to Arizona next week for a rehabilitation assignment ahead of spring training.