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Younger Chinese kids also said that the protagonist would opt for the new child but judged this act as morally right, expressing the society's concern for taking care of a new group member.
But if, as Wilson seems to intend, "moral" is restricted to the normative morality that he and many of his western contemporaries (including me) regard as morally right, then the "naturalness" of this moral sense is called into serious question.
Washington, Oct 3 (ANI): People who endorse actions consistent with an ethic of utilitarianism-the view that what is the morally right thing to do is whatever produces the best overall consequences-tend to possess psychopathic and Machiavellian personality traits, according to a new study.
IT'S time Aidy Boothroyd totally ignored the comments of city councillor Ann Lucas, who seems to think it is morally right not to go to the Ricoh Arena while Marlon King is a player for the Sky Blues.
These are the problems of the origin of ethics, relativism, and human nature, and the problem of what makes something morally right or wrong, which is the central theme of the book.
If less well-off people are to see their benefits cut in the interests of restoring the economy, then surely it is morally right that the wealthy should also make sacrifices?
Is it morally right for scientists to create artificial sperm?
We believe it is morally right that we should do that.
I am sorry Mr Davy, what you have done might be legal, but it certainly isn't morally right.
Albeit I am disappointed with their perception of what is and isn''t morally right.
My guidelines are totally philosophical and what's morally right to me.
It is not morally right that they should be cut down.