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These three types of ethics are the basis for questions regarding moral reasoning about each type of suicide being morally right or morally wrong.
Scholars of law and philosophy explore the role reason plays in determining what is morally right, and the role morality plays in law.
Fair access to apprenticeships for everyone is both morally right and economically sound.
He called for opting of a democratic, constitutional and morally right way to solve the issue so that the government is able to satisfy the nation.
For our part we have to do what we think is morally right and within our capacity, but when we come to vote we need to judge them from their deeds and not their public relations appeals.
British building society Nationwide on Monday revealed a new poll which shows that people think employers should pay the Living Wage if they can afford to do so as it is felt to be the morally right thing to do.
He dismissed fears of an exodus of wealth and insisted that it was not only morally right to stop the UK operating as a "tax haven" but the reforms could also raise "at least hundreds of millions of pounds".
But as long as our leaders refuse to do what is morally right to keep our new masters in Europe happy, they are sleepwalking into another disastrous chapter in our history.
I do not think it is morally right that the media pay, and any of those 3/3
Killing those guilty of the beheadings and crucifixions of innocents in order to prevent more killing is morally right.
The themes are survival, abuse of power by the elite, discrimination, torture, loss and the question of whether it is morally right to fight violence with violence.
Teens will identify with Cassidy as she grapples with doing what is morally right, while trying to fit in with girls her age.