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Those who take a pro-life position believe abortion is morally wrong but a portion believe there are very rare circumstances--typically when the pregnancy is the result of rape or incest--when "abortion should be legal.
mee Magennis, left, said: "It would be morally wrong for the game.
A mere 9 percent of millennials say contraception is morally wrong.
Note that voting for a candidate who will not best serve the common good is not necessarily morally wrong.
Surprisingly, a smaller percentage deemed polygamy (83 percent), human cloning (83 percent), and suicide (77 percent) morally wrong, the Huffington Post reported.
I also believe that the rates of interest, often in the thousands of percent, are morally wrong.
But if the Football Association deems it morally wrong to retain him as captain, then it must also be wrong to include the defender in the squad at all.
I have a limited amount of energy for fighting a film company, but I think it's morally wrong for it to be made like this.
Naeem angrily beat badly MS hospital as a reaction of which All the paramedical staff and doctors observed strike due to morally wrong act of the Dr.
While doctor-assisted suicide is the most controversial of the issues tested, with the public tied at 46% over its moral acceptability, Americans are fairly unified in their opposition to another life-ending choice -- suicide -- with 77% calling this morally wrong.
Not only, it goes on, would it be morally wrong, but may also be a criminal offence.
Bill Olner agreed that the Home Office position on the Gurkhas is morally wrong when he signed Early Day Motion 1362.