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However, when he argues in favor of thesis (2), he claims that unexcused harmful voting and fortuitous voting are morally wrong, even though each vote has negligible influence.
They are morally wrong because they involve the killing of a human being.
Within each of the demographic groups, about half of those who think abortion is morally wrong believe it should be legal.
Seventy-five percent of white evangelical Protestants and 64 percent of Hispanic Catholics consider having an abortion morally wrong.
Facilities like ours are getting by on the slimmest of operating margins, and it is morally wrong for Texas seniors to be placed in yet more jeopardy due to budgetary dysfunction in Washington.
But some of these schemes are quite frankly morally wrong.
He criticised the rates of interest, often in the thousands of percent, as morally wrong, accusing companies of wilfully committing the sin of usury when dealing with families desperate for money.
I think it was Abraham Lincoln who said: "Nothing is politically right which is morally wrong.
Archbishop Smith, who is vice-president of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of England and Wales, said: "Legalising assistance with suicide is morally wrong in itself and would put vulnerable people at grave risk.
Synopsis: Americans are evenly divided over the morality of homosexual relations, with 48% considering them morally acceptable and 48% calling them morally wrong.
He said: "It's morally wrong to let people go blind when there are treatments available.