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Such findings will certainly necessitate a revision of the ichthyofauna in the Morava basin.
Latest results from the new measurements in the MORAVA network supplemented by the results of repeated leveling permit detection of horizontal velocities of more than 1 mm / year, and local vertical variations up to several centimetres, which allows the inclusion of this area in the zones of increased risk.
Most of the people Officer Morava has approached have been willing to follow the new rules, he said, but "there's always 1 percent that is unhappy."
So after staging pictures of Tlusty bathing with a beauty, and another tawdry twist or two, Kroupa got his man: an insignificant 29-year old scapegoat deputy named Jan Morava. All this passed for investigative reporting and any potential follow-up of the story's larger implications--like whether Morava was acting on behalf of someone else--quickly petered out, much like the government commission formed to investigate the affair that as of July 2009 still has yet to meet.
Fue la Iglesia Morava, la Herrnhuter Bruderunitat, la que empezo a principios del siglo XIX con la obra misionera dentro de la poblacion negra.
Not a triangle but a rectangle of protagonists frame this detective plot: a young assistant detective, Morava (yes, his name sounds very much like the eastern chunk of the Bohemia-Moravia Protectorate, and as a prey of Nazi predators he doubtless represents good in the novel); Morava's boss, Beran (as his name indicates, he is as stubborn as a ram and protects himself from the ugliness of politics); the Gestapo chief inspector, Buback (the boogey man who turns into a spy); and finally, Buback's superior, Meckerle, one of the most powerful Germans in occupied Prague.
As was the bombing of a civilian train on a bridge over the Juzna Morava River.
It was claimed two bridges, one on the Rasina river near Krusevac and another over the Juzna Morava river near the town of Djunis, were destroyed.
284); killed by his own troops in the course of battle with Diocletian at the Margus (now Morava) River in Upper Moesia (Yugoslavia) (June?
People living in towns near the Morava River and in several districts of the capital are being plagued by mosquitoes, the TASR newswire reported."It is becoming unbearable to live here," complained the Mayor of Zahorska Ves, Boris Simkovi, as quoted by TASR.
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