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Such findings will certainly necessitate a revision of the ichthyofauna in the Morava basin.
Latest results from the new measurements in the MORAVA network supplemented by the results of repeated leveling permit detection of horizontal velocities of more than 1 mm / year, and local vertical variations up to several centimetres, which allows the inclusion of this area in the zones of increased risk.
Dragonfly larvae of the genera Libellula and Aeshna were common at all localities, and Dytiscus larvae were also present in the locality Horni Morava.
Wopereis S, Grunewald S, Huijben KM, Morava E, Mollicone R, van Engelen BG, et al.
We are uncovering a so far unknown prehistoric culture in Northwest Bulgaria which corresponds to the settlements in today's Serbia along the Morava River.
You sit on a bicycle and take off along a nice path to the north, along the Morava River.
Most important basins of oil shale in Serbia are Aleksinac, Vranje, Senonian Tectonic Trench, Valjevo-Mionica, Western Morava, Krusevac, Babusnica, Kosanica, Nis and Levac [2].
Perhaps the most clear cut example of this, and one that points at a poisonous cohabitation between an underdeveloped media and immature politics, was the Jan Morava affair of 2008.
Following the Morava affair', named after Jan Morava, the unscrupulous MP who was forced to resign following a blackmail scandal, two other members have decided to leave the main parliamentary group in the coalition government.
Among Regal Band's other winners was Morava, a stakes-placed daughter of Secret Hello.
On May 30, 1999, NATO F-16 warplanes attacked a bridge crossing the Velika Morava river in Varvarin in central Serbia.
Devin Castle sits on top of a 2,000-foot rock at the intersection of the Danube and Morava Rivers.