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No significant differences were found between the Bohumin site, the Odra River and the Lanzhot site, the Morava River (44.6 [+ or -] 73 ng mg [protein.sup.-1]) and the Zidlochovice site, the Svratka River (72.8 [+ or -] 9.0 ng mg [protein.sup.-1]).
*** Region in Western Slovakia, bordered by the Lesser Carpathians and the Morava River, known for its great natural beauty.
On May 30, 1999, NATO F-16 warplanes attacked a bridge crossing the Velika Morava river in Varvarin in central Serbia.
Czech Railways now offers bike hire in several regions (South Bohemia, East Bohemia, Czech Paradise, Morava River Valley, Beskydy) where you can hire a bike at one station and return it at another.
Slobodan Milosevic is currently on trial in The Hague for several counts of war crimes, including genocide; Mira Markovic, his wife, is a prime suspect in the murder of an opposition politician; and Marko, his son, is hiding in Kazakhstan after receiving an indictment for threatening to cut a man up with a rotary saw and throw him into the Morava River. All three are under investigation for allegedly embezzling billions of dollars.
On April 12, 1999, a NATO jet fired two rockets at a bridge over the Juzna Morava River south of Belgrade, hitting a train and killing 14 civilian passengers.
Brno, with its population of 390,000, is the largest point of pollution on the Morava River Basin, the main tributary of the endangered Danube.
To the Editor: After heavy rains in July 1997, extensive floods occurred along the Morava River, Czech Republic.
As was the bombing of a civilian train on a bridge over the Juzna Morava River. As was the bombing of Albanian refugees on a road in southern Kosovo.
Officials said nine people died and at least 17 were wounded when Nato zeroed in on the bridge over the Velika Morava River, 90 miles south of Belgrade.
An official from the Yugoslav Army's press centre claimed the train had stalled on the bridge over the Juzna Morava river when an electricity cable supplying it was cut by a missile fired from a Nato aircraft.