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Even with the foreknowledge that the guy had to live in order to write the book, I found myself turning pages with a morbid curiosity to see just how, or in what condition, he would manage to live.
I wonder why so many people have such a morbid curiosity to the extent that they even disobey police orders not to flock to fires, floods and highway accidents?
Shame on the people with such morbid curiosity that they would want to friend you because they think you are him
My morbid curiosity about what happens to people who actually keel over and die on board was satisfied when our intrepid hostess spilt the beans on that, revealing that no one officially "dies" in-flight unless there's a doctor on board to make the pronouncement.
Until then, the stretch of abandoned road appeals to adventurers with a somewhat morbid curiosity.
To connect with the morbid curiosity that rules his life, he crashes through the gates at Aristotle, jumps the tracks at Keats, hurtles through the flashing red lights at Coleridge Junction, derails Shakespeare and Poor Yorick on an isolated spur line, and scoops up Emily Dickinson in the cowcatcher and quotes her to death.
Both heroes have a morbid curiosity about the pathological atmosphere engendered by cholera and tuberculosis.
KILLER Gunman Raoul Moat MORBID CURIOSITY The scene where Raoul Moat committed suicide became a tourist attraction Rothbury residents didn't want
Out of morbid curiosity, I checked: According to church records, none of the parties in this case was buried at Cherry Hill--not even Koelig.
They refrain from issuing warnings to those in peril instead treating them as objects of morbid curiosity.
The thugs who decided for no reason than to satisfy their morbid curiosity to torture her.
However, the events of that fateful day piqued our morbid curiosity and, like voyeurs slowly driving past a car accident to observe the carnage, we were enthralled by the human depravity and questionable moral character of the revealed criminal.