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Henry VII, indeed, did not love him, so More did not rise to power while he lived.
The whole thing took indeed more nights than one, but on the first occasion the same lady put another question.
Tom, you couldn't told it more like if you'd 'a' seen it
Yea, I say unto you, and more than a prophetess--a uncommon pretty young woman.
I've shut my eyes to a dale av dog's thricks to-day, an' now there must be no more av ut.
Now that was better than a dozen sermons on the beauty of forgiveness, and did Charlie more good, for it showed him how sweet humility was, and proved that Rose practised as she preached.
Well, the King, it appears, was wishful to see Hieland swordsmanship; and my father and three more were chosen out and sent to London town, to let him see it at the best.
Instead of pursing the theme he had in his mind, Quilp folded his arms again, and looked at her more sternly than before, while she averted her eyes and kept them on the ground.
Instead of a man who had more cunning than honest folks could come by, and, what was worse, had not the inclination to use that cunning in a neighbourly way, it was now apparent that Silas had not cunning enough to keep his own.
When I heard you had gone to Pylos I made sure I was never going to see you any more.
I've been nursing the job all this week; had my last look round this very evening, with one of these officers, and only rode back for more to make sure of taking our gentlemen alive.
Mr Timberry, in reply, shook his head with a gloomy air, tapped his chest several times with great significancy, and drawing his cloak more closely about him, said, 'But no matter, no matter.