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This book celebrates the 100-year history of Mortar Board National College Senior Honor Society, a national honor society recognizing womenAEs achievements in scholarship, leadership, and service, created in 1918 by five women.
AFP / Angela Weiss Model Kaia Gerber hits the runway for Calvin Klein in a black mortar board and Jaws t-shirt
Coburn, majoring in public policy leadership, won the modern languages award and is a member of other honor organizations including Mortar Board (for seniors).
Dressed in the traditional graduation robes and complete with mortar board caps, the 828- odd students received their graduation certificates with hope, optimism and a vision for a brighter morrow.
"I can hang up my mortar board and academic robes after this one, although I said that after my last degree and then I got bored," the Herald Sun quoted him as saying.
"The mortar board developed from the berretta or skull cap worn by the Roman-Catholic clergy, which also takes it back to the religious foundation of the university."
Despite opposition, many were glad to see Trump don the mortar board for his graduation.
He has been awarded the Outstanding Faculty Award Mortar Board four times, Best of State Award twice, Qwest for the Best Award twice, Most Influential Faculty Award (a remarkable 10 times) and numerous outstanding faculty awards from student organizations.
At right, Emma Marsh's mortar board and tassel give her a little trouble at the ceremony in the Memorial Building Community Center in downtown Springfield.
His teaching awards include The University of Houston Teaching Excellence Award and (six times) the "Top Prof" Award from Mortar Board.
Simpson is just three months away from completing a five-year course that will earn him a degree in sports science and the chance to wear the old gown and mortar board. Simpson explains: "I started the sports science course five years ago and was planning to drop out when I got a Higher Education Certificate after a year and then again after I had got a Diploma after another two years.
They pulled on black gowns and mortar board caps as they bid a fond farewell to staff.