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Wearing an academic gown and mortar board, he was cheered by the crowd as he opened the ceremony.
Each child proudly wore a graduation mortar board that they had made in the preceding week.
A NORTHUMBERLAND surface mine manager has swapped his hard hat and high-visibility jacket for a mortar board and gown to receive a high-level industry qualification.
WELSH rugby hero Sam Warburton will pick up a cap of a different kind this week when he dons a mortar board and gown to receive an honorary degree from Cardiff University.
She has served as national president of Mortar Board Inc.
TOP Brum chef Glynn Purnell swapped his chef whites for a gown and mortar board when he was given an honorary fellowship by a city university.
She is a member of Phi Beta Kappa honor society, Mortar Board national college senior honor society and Phi Sigma national biological sciences honor society.
Coburn, majoring in public policy leadership, won the modern languages award and is a member of other honor organizations including Mortar Board (for seniors).
Dressed in the traditional graduation robes and complete with mortar board caps, the 828- odd students received their graduation certificates with hope, optimism and a vision for a brighter morrow.
I can hang up my mortar board and academic robes after this one, although I said that after my last degree and then I got bored," the Herald Sun quoted him as saying.
The mortar board developed from the berretta or skull cap worn by the Roman-Catholic clergy, which also takes it back to the religious foundation of the university.
Despite opposition, many were glad to see Trump don the mortar board for his graduation.