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MORTIFICATION, Scotch law. This term is nearly synonymous with mortmain.

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Greenblatt elaborates how deeply opposed all this is to Christianity, not least to the mortification of the flesh. "A hatred of pleasure-seeking and a vision of God's providential rage: these were death knells of Epicureanism, henceforward branded by the faithful as 'insane.'"
"Mortification of the Flesh" centers upon the phenomenon of human suffering in versions of the star persona that emerged after the 1956 car accident, detailing Clift's efforts to intervene at a moment when the face that once signaled the profound qualities of the performance within cinematic narrative threatened now to become the unmistakable sign of the irrevocably compromised condition of the actor himself.
Despite having been sickly and having an intense interior life, Hildegard is depicted as having a certain earthy quality, because she is shocked and repulsed by the condition of Jutta's battered body from the mortification of the flesh rituals.
She knew a woman named Catherine who hadn't been to one for almost fifty years and Catherine's own father had been a doctor, but there was a bit of the "mortification of the flesh" about Catherine, too.