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MORTUARIES, Eng. law. These are a sort of ecclesiastical heriots, being a customary gift claimed by and due to the minister, in many parishes, on the death of the parishioner. 2 Bl. Com. 425.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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??Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.??With this acquisition, Memorial Mortuaries and Cemeteries is now one of Utah's largest funeral providers, with ten funeral homes and five cemeteries located throughout the state.??Probst Family Funerals is a funeral services provider with two locations in Heber Valley, a community 45 minutes southeast of Salt Lake City.
Mortuaries are required to submit reports of major incidents to industry regulator the Human Tissue Authority.
One former mortuary technician, who did not wish to be named, told the ECHO the extra funds could bring in PS200-PS300 a month for staff in busy mortuaries.
He told The Express Tribune that more than 160 bodies have been reported at the two mortuaries, with the relatives of 60 claiming heatstroke to be the cause of death.
Another incident led to the "inappropriate disposal of pregnancy remains." Leicestershire Hospitals had the highest number of serious incidents recorded in mortuaries than any other in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, according to the FOI.
"We have many cases where dead bodies are kept in mortuaries for long periods due to procedural delays," said Mutawa.
tion system chosen is specially designed for mortuaries al parlours with confined tion system chosen is specially designed for mortuaries al parlours with confined The refrigeration system cspecially designed fand funeral parlours pace.
Standing in the post mortem room of one of Scotland's most historic mortuaries, it's hard to believe that every week more than 50 bodies are wheeled in with conveyor-belt efficiency.
- The Unmasking the Mysteries Tours, which takes participants on an enlightening behind-the-scenes tour of O'Connor Mortuary and its facilities to “demystify” the stigma surrounding mortuaries. Tour participants include community members, as well as nurses, social workers, and hospice professionals, who receive approved continuing education units
Our inspections focus on mortuaries and the systems that are in place to ensure post-mortem examinations take place in suitable facilities by trained staff working to stringent procedures."
SOME of Cardiff's most famous parklands would be converted into mortuaries in the event of a bird-flu-scale disaster, the Echo has learned.
Home Office officials are carrying out an urgent review of graveyards, crematoria and mortuaries following a warning that it is only a matter of time before the deadly virus hits Britain.