Mortuus est

MORTUUS EST. A return made by the sheriff, when the defendant is dead, as an excuse for not executing the writ. 4 Watts, 270, 276.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Le savant affirme que la regle pontificale rapportee par Ciceron etait specifiquement romaine, car d'autres cites comme Arpinium conserverent la regle heredem sacra non secuntur, d'apres Caton, Orig., 2, 28 Si quis mortuus est Arpinatis, eius heredem sacra non secuntur, et aussi d'apres Priscianus, Inst.
[January) hora ottava mortuus est Cardinalis Rotomagensis 1483" (ASA 107, Introitus, fol.
22-23 factum est autem ut moreretur mendicus et portaretur ab angelis in sinum Abrahae; mortuus est autem et dives et sepultus est.
4:2), the sermon is attributed to Richard Fleming, an Oxford theologian who delivered several other sermons at Constance in 1417,(5) two of which are also found in this manuscript: 'Ecce' is immediately preceded by a copy of Fleming's Epiphany sermon, 'Surge illuminare Ierusalem',(6) and followed by a fragmentary copy of his eulogy for William Corff, 'Quod mortuus est'.(7)