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If a park manager wished to maintain a diversity of plant species, a mosiac of burned and unburned areas would provide a variety of site characteristics needed to satisfy the ecological requirements of many species.
It was a colorful mosiac made up of many hues and dominated by the color black.
This false-color mosiac of Landsat satellite images shows the canyon's full 277 miles, stretching from Lees Ferry in the upper right to Lake Mead at the left.
Any visitor is met with the bang on trend mosiac grey and white floor once over the threshold.
Tenders are invited for Restoration of damaged defaced kota stone mosiac flooring to the VIP passage toward Honble Judge entrance and first floor passages of Main High Court Building including up gradation of existing flooring of Honble judges chamber of court no.
Hop varieties such as Simcoe, Mosiac, Equinox and Amarillo have been used in this brew, not just in the boil but dry-hopped in the fermenter as well.
BRINK is holding a contemporary art trail called Mosiac through Kenilworth from May 12 as part of the Kenilworth Festival.
In the years that followed he created the Irish super group Patrick Street, and the Pan-European group Mosiac.
She also volunteers for FOOD for Lane County, Adoption Mosiac, and many humanitarian activities through her school and for her church.
no stranger to hard work The balcony, left, and the gazebo, above, are Jo's most expensive structures MIRRORS Jo's mirrors on both garden and den walls reflect her work MOSIAC TILING "I think the wall shows how my mosaic has evolved - this is a much looser, more creative construction than my previous work" MOORISH DEN The gazebo's walls are a mix of mosaic and patchwork, two of Jo's passions.
Mosiac Fashions - who also own Coast, Karen Millen and Oasis - said they had "a number" of approaches for the womenswear retailers.