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6) James Peele, The maner and fourme how to kepe a perfecte reconyng, after the order of the moste worthie and notable accompte, of Debitour and Creditour set foorthe in certain tables, with a declaration therunto belongyng, verie easie to be learned and also profitable, not only unto suche, that trade in the facte of Marchaundise, but also unto any other estate, that will learne the same.
Manie other inducements, and moste remarkeable advantages I am content to skipp over (not that I am to seeke for more, but that I am willing to avoide superfluous tediousnes) hoping some one of better judgment, will present the tyme with a more ample discovery, better-laid, of more powerfull perswasions, and more answearable to the woorthe and validity of the businesse in hand.
Bale notes, for instance, that Sir John Oldcastle "caused all hys workes to be coppyed oute by moste fayre wryters, at his owne great cost and charge, and so conuayed them into the lande of Beme, that they myghte be there preserved from destruccyon.
Martz's argument of a continuous meditative tradition in English prose, reaching well into the 17th century, (32) a comforting consummation of More's wish that laypeople would read "suche englysshe bookes as moste may norysshe and encrease deuocyon" instead of controversy (33) and--quoting Chamber's words--"yet one more protest against the current division into Medieval and Modern.
Mr Moseley, principal computer officer at Leicester University and a keen medieval researcher, used his dual expertise to conjure up writing styles for the Book of Monsters, ancient text in Moste Potente Potions and parts of the Marauder's Map.
lt;pre> Neytherre the gyldedde bawble thatte envyronnes the heade of Majestye noe norre honourres moste weyghtye wulde give mee halfe
You'll also get a discount off a round of golf if you visit the nearby 18-hole course, billed as "ze moste presteeguz" in Aisne.
With him were scientists from MOSTE, the National Environment Institute, the National Center for Natural Science and Technology, the Ministry of Public Health, Hanoi Medical University, Ho Chi Minh City University of Medicine and Pharmacology, and the Vietnam--Russia Tropical Research Center.
MOSTE was created in 1992 and is in control of the overall management of the environment.
In this legal action, it was said that Saveaker pretended to be the lawful incumbent of Notgrove, and that he and the other defendants took the profit of the parsonage 'or of the moste parte thereof'.
The second treatise is the only pamphlet that would have served the intended purpose; a tract such as the original Defence that refers to Elizabeth as 'our moste dreade Souereigne' and 'our Souereigne ladie the Quenes majestie' (and which asserts Mary Stuart's claim only if Elizabeth should die without an heir) would be ill suited to the objective of starting a rebellion against her.
The commons of Kent (most noble Duke) are readie to offer thee, eyther peace, or warre, at thine own choyse, and election: peace with their faithfull obedience, if thou wilt permit them to enjoy their ancient liberties: warre, and that moste deadly, if thou deny it them.