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On the one hand, he "dolorouslye lamente[s] so greate an oversyghte in the moste lawfull overthrow of the sodometrouse Abbeyes & Fryeryes, when the most worthy monumentes of this realme, so myserably peryshed in the spoyle," and bemoans "that men of learnyng & of perfyght love to their nacyon, were not then appoynted to the serche of theyr lybraryes, for the conservacion of those most noble Antiquitees.
56) Apart from MOSTE, there are approximately twenty other central government ministries or institutions that have some role to play in environment protection.
Jhesu moste blessyd, I se you with [thorn]e yee of trew beleue, [thorn]e which ye have by your grace made opyn.
But I, my lyf and deeth, to yow obeye And with right buxom herte hooly I preye As is your moste plesure, so doth by me; Wel lever is me liken yow and deye Than for to anythyng or thynke or seye That yow myghte offende in any tyme.
CONTACT: Sonya Moste of Atlanta Development Authority, +1-404-684-8281; or Ken Haldin, +1-404-446-4413, for the BeltLine Partnership
I know, Ricardes said,] that the mortall state of this or lyfe is subiect to greate and manifolde daungers, And that no man borne of a Woman is certen of his owne lyfe, but that all fleshe is as grasse, and withereth and decayeth to ye good will of the Allmightie Creator, And forasmuche as wee be all taught by the profession of the faythe of Christ Jesus to reforme our Wills to the good will and pleasure of god, and as it shalbe given vnto vs by his aboundaunt and moste mercifull grace to provide at all tymes to be readye at his Allmightie caule, beinge moved thervnto by his goodnes, [I] Doe make my last will & testamt .
Claiming to be at the mercy of matter he has no control over, the translator appears almost completely helpless; similar logic appears at the beginning of Book IV, when the narrator states, 'And now my penne, allas, with which I write, | Quaketh for drede of that I moste endite' (IV.
In the sixteenth century Sir Thomas Elyot says that "of all iniuries that which is done by fraude is moste horrible and detestable, nat in the opinion of man onely but also in the sight and iugement of god" (The Boke named The Governour [New York: E.
ond swa to aldre sceall saecce fremman [thorn]enden [thorn]is sweord [thorn]ola[eth] [thorn]aet mec aer ond si[eth] oft gelaeste sy[eth][eth]an ic for duge[eth]um Daeghrefne wear[eth] to handbonan, Huga cempan; nalles he [eth]a fraetwe Frescyning<es> breostweor[eth]unge, bringan moste, ac in campe gecrong cumbles hyrde, ae[thorn]eling on elne; ne waes ecg bona, ac him hildegrap heortan wylmas, banhus, gebraec.
This liturgy makes available the pure Word] in suche a language and ordre, as is moste easy and plain for the understandyng, bothe of the readers and hearers.
The King our moste dradde Souveraine Lord calling unto his blissed
Now wol I seyn what penaunce thow shalt do For thy trespas, and understond it here: Thow shalt, while that thow lyvest, yet by yere, The moste partye of thy tyme spende In makynge of a gloryous legende Of goode women, maydenes and wyves, That were trewe in lovynge al here lyres .