Mother passed away, hospital bills

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Country: United States of America
State: Colorado

My mother passed away two months ago. She was single and an alcoholic. When she passed away she owned nothing and had no health insurance. She rented an apartment and had a broken down car that is worth maybe a $100. She was very ill at the time a found her and she had to be flight for lifted to a larger hospital. She spent one day in the ICU on a ventilator before she passed away. When my sister and I got back home we contacted an attorney to find out if we were responsible for the medical bills that my mother racked up while she was dying. The attorney told us that we were not responsible and that the hospital could not try to get money from us since we were her next of kin and she was not married. However, we keep getting phone calls from the hospital and various other medical clinics asking us about her estate. She did not have an estate. I am wondering if my sister and I are responsible for her medical bills. If we are not, what do we tell these collectors when they are calling?


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