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Understanding what one can do by manipulating positive and negative space is an important concept in making the motif for this assignment.
Thus, the study anticipated that types of design motifs together with the amount of voids provided would influence one's aesthetic preferences.
This conclusion was based on the statistical processing of the distribution of 615 motifs related to adventures and tricks which I name the B-motifs.
It is apparent that the new essays complement the earlier pieces, in that they widen the range of the motifs.
The four motifs "track the S&P with a bit of a twist: they focus on companies that contribute to a cause," Hardeep Walia, founder and CEO of Motif Investing, told ThinkAdvisor.
L'ouvrage s'attarde longuement sur les noms donnes aux quelque quatre-vingt motifs zoomorphes ornant les vanneries, les ceramiques ou les corps des personnes chez ces trois peuples de l'Oyapock.
And animal motif tees are emerging from the wilderness into the stylish city streets at SM.
Zinc finger (ZF) motifs which are classified based on the arrangement of the zinc- binding amino acids are present in many transcription factors and have critical functions in interactions with other molecules.
Maintenance of public lighting, traffic lights, installation and removal of Christmas motifs - Current maintenance and repair of equipment- Systematic replacement of light sources and controls programmed- Updated information from the database and mapping- Installation and removal of Christmas motifs.
To analyze the nucleotide sequence we searched for the motifs and the motif search software (http://www.
Individuals can invest in motifs composed of 20 to 30 different stocks that fit with their investment idea.
Este linen drapery with a digitally printed seahorse-skin-inspired motif in Grigio.