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Mr Cowen said he was dispensing with procedure and putting forward a motion of confidence in himself at the next parliamentary party meeting to resolve the issue.
It should not be difficult to realize, however, that after a government is defeated on a motion of confidence (or on a measure that is designated as one of confidence) the "advice" normally tendered by the first minister is no longer "advice"--it has mutated to "suggestion.
The Speaker, braving the opposition members who had gathered around his chair and protesting, declared that the motion of confidence has been passed by "voice vote" with the support of 106 BJP members.
The march will take place a day after the Government passed a motion of confidence in itself - insisting it has helped the country on the road to recovery.
Ranchi, Sep 14 (ANI): A special session of the Jharkhand Assembly on Tuesday took up the motion of confidence sought by the newly-formed Arjun Munda government.
In his letter to Sir Michael Spicer, the chairman of the back bench 1922 committee,Mr Conway wrote: ``Dear Michael,I wish to add my name to those who have requested that a motion of confidence is placed before the Parliamentary party on the continued leadership of Mr Duncan Smith.
The Dail will today debate a motion of confidence in the Taoiseach and the Government over the water charges debacle.
Dr Reilly faces a motion of confidence when the Dail resumes on September 18 and yesterday Fine Gael backbenchers admitted they could not stand over these cuts.
But the feedback I'm getting is that with Brian Cowen leading us into the election campaign, we risk election annihilation and therefore, reluctantly, I will have to oppose the motion of confidence.
In a shock move Minister Martin tendered his resignation last night and openly declared war on the Taoiseach vowing to vote against him in a motion of confidence tomorrow.
The Foreign Minister tendered his resignation and declared he will vote against the Taoiseach in a motion of confidence tomorrow.
The Irish Daily Mirror has also learned that Tom Kitt called on the Taoiseach to put down a motion of confidence in his leadership at the meeting but he refused.