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It should not be difficult to realize, however, that after a government is defeated on a motion of confidence (or on a measure that is designated as one of confidence) the "advice" normally tendered by the first minister is no longer "advice"--it has mutated to "suggestion.
But the feedback I'm getting is that with Brian Cowen leading us into the election campaign, we risk election annihilation and therefore, reluctantly, I will have to oppose the motion of confidence.
In a shock move Minister Martin tendered his resignation last night and openly declared war on the Taoiseach vowing to vote against him in a motion of confidence tomorrow.
The Foreign Minister tendered his resignation and declared he will vote against the Taoiseach in a motion of confidence tomorrow.
The Irish Daily Mirror has also learned that Tom Kitt called on the Taoiseach to put down a motion of confidence in his leadership at the meeting but he refused.
In June, Mr Kenny was forced to table a motion of confidence in his own leadership when his then-deputy Richard Bruton said he could no longer support his chief's position.
The Mayo TD won a motion of confidence after he delivered the speech of his life at a special five-hour party meeting.
Mr Kenny, who won a motion of confidence in his leadership, attacked the Rebel 10 claiming they did not think he had "the bottle" to fight them.
Afterwards, Denis Naughten who was leading the rebel nine said: "If we had the opportunity to speak to Enda we would have asked him to withdraw the motion of confidence, to consider his position and step down as party leader in the interests of the party.
The party is now facing a showdown as Mr Kenny has put down a motion of confidence in himself as leader which Richard Bruton will oppose.
A motion of confidence in McCarthy's position is set to be voted on, though it looks unlikely that the two-thirds majority to force his removal will be achieved.
Justin McCarthy has come under fire for a ruthless cull of his panel which has led to a mass walkout of players, though he is expected to be the subject of a motion of confidence at a county board meeting on Thursday night.