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95) is an excellent discussion of motivational theory and how it applies to classroom teachings, and is a pick for any educator's library.
Since much has been written about motivational theory, I will attempt to offer practical advice for music teachers.
Maslow's motivational theory is based on the idea that human behaviour is controlled through a limited number of developing fundamental needs which operate in a fixed sequence.
In addition, the author provides a broad spectrum towards intelligence, which is more responsive to assessment, motivational theory and constructivist thinking.
Much has been written regarding motivational theory.
Equity theory is another motivational theory that WDS should consider.
It is hoped that an understanding of Chinese immigrant students' motivation to learn English in relations to age differences would have implications on current teaching and learning practices, based on the adopted motivational theory and that these would enhance learners' motivation to learn English while adjusting to and integrating with the new learning environment.