Motor Insurers Bureau

Motor Insurers Bureau (MIB)

a voluntary organization set up by insurance companies to avoid government interference that makes sure that those injured on the roads by uninsured drivers are compensated. It is now the agency through which most of the UK's European Union road traffic insurance obligations are channelled. It operates under an agreement with the Secretary of State for the Environment to meet any unsatisfied judgments in respect of a liability against which it was obligatory to insure. There are three types of case:
  1. (1) identified uninsured drivers;
  2. (2) the identified driver with a policy of insurance in force but under which the insurer is not liable, perhaps because of fraud or because of breach of a term of the policy. In this case the agreement between the MIB and its members is called the domestic agreement; the insurer deals with the claim as if valid, allowing the injured person to recover damages. The domestic agreement even covers some cases where the insured was not liable at all because the policy did not cover the risk that materialized;
  3. (3) the untraced driver, a type of case covered only since 1968.

It is now quite accessible to the public who are able to make many type of claims themselves. If legal assistance is required, a scheme is in place to provide special cover on terms. See also MIBLES.

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On the final day of Connections, Motor Insurers Bureau, icare, and Union Mutual Insurance participated in a customer panel discussion moderated by California Casualty, where they offered their perspectives on aspects of their customer journeys, and how they are adapting and succeeding with innovative projects.
Dozens of Central Motorway Police Group and traffic officers joined forces with the Motor Insurers Bureau, the Environment Agency, the National Crime Agency and the DVSA.
Consumer Intelligence anticipates the Setanta ruling - which means the Motor Insurers Bureau of Ireland is likely to pick up the costs - will add around [euro]50 to the average premium while insurers' costs will rise by up to 23% as they recover VAT on outsourcing.
Now, after a lengthy battle for justice against the Motor Insurers Bureau (MIB), the engineer and blacksmith has finally won the right to compensation at the High Court.
The car owner had full insurance cover so the Motor Insurers Bureau covered the damage I caused to the car when the police were chasing me and I did a handbrake turn before hitting a parked car.
At the heart of the case lay the 'crime exception' enforced by the Motor Insurers Bureau (MIB), the body which compensates victims of uninsured drivers.
A Unfortunately the Motor Insurers Bureau will only accept claims of this nature where personal injury is involved.
Director of the Armenian Motor Insurers Bureau Anna Vardikyan said during a seminar on Saturday.
Now Megumi is seeking multi-million-pound damages for her injuries from the Motor Insurers Bureau (MIB) - the industry body that compensates victims of uninsured drivers.
Where an uninsured driver causes injury or death through negligence, the Motor Insurers Bureau pays full compensation to the victim.
Motor Insurers Bureau boss Neil Drane said the net is closing on uninsured drivers.
Several years later, Ben's parents became aware of the possibility of claiming compensation by bringing a claim through the Motor Insurers Bureau (MIB), a government organisation which provides compensation to the victims of untraced drivers as part of an agreement with the Department of Transport.