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Loko-R training, and indeed other robot-based flexible-trajectory training paradigms [32,56], provides several training characteristics that would facilitate motor learning in this manner.
Moreover, upon further questioning, coaches perceived that advanced motor learning concepts such as decision-making were deemed the domain of sport psychologists rather than skill acquisition specialists who are largely responsible for the research in this domain (Abernethy & Russell, 1987; Farrow & Abernethy, 2002; Jackson, Warren, & Abernethy, 2002).
In: Gabriele Wulf on attentional focus and motor learning.
Humans also have this motor learning pathway for speech.
Furthermore, the possibility of modifying the artificial environment creating highly finalized and tailored exercises where the patients could interact, may exploit some of the mechanisms of motor learning.
It includes an information-packed chapter entitled "Optimizing Functional Motor Recovery after Stroke," by Janet Carr and Roberta Shepherd, pioneers in the field and the first to correlate motor learning and stroke recovery.
The colourful progression tennis balls, Red, Orange and Green are globally recognized and used to motor learning development and concentration of the game.
Three VI Fit games are currently available: Pet-n-Punch, inspired by whacka-mole, asks a user to protect a field of carrots by bopping varmints on their head; VI Bowling implements the game play of the Wii Sports Bowling motor learning feature that allows players to find the direction in which to throw their ball using vibrotactile feedback, and audio and speech effects are used to indicate the result of each throw; like VI Bowling, VI Tennis implements the game play of Wii Sports Tennis.
To clarify this mechanism, the researchers developed a technique based around the phenomenon of horizontal optokinetic response (HOKR), a compensatory eye movement which can be used to quantify the effects of motor learning.
Because changes in somatic sensation has been sustained in geriatrics due to the normal ageing process, perceptual and motor learning through the conscious control stage is mediated via the cerebral cortex and pyramidal tract.
Once a week will not be sufficient for the motor learning to stay with you," Larkam explained.
Isolated improvement of proprioception is not the practical balance training strategy because the mechanism of the balance improvement involves not only neuromuscular and musculoskeletal factors, but also task dependent motor learning.