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If the UK were to adopt "doubledecker" motorways, we could double the amount of road space with very little impact on the surrounding countryside.
So rather than keep roadworks in place, we will work behind the scenes completing various technical tasks, until we re ready to implement the smart motorway on this section.
The Prime Minister said it his desire to complete KarachiPeshawar Motorway during his present tenure and extend it further to Kabul.
He apprised them against over speeding, dozing on wheel and the use of worn out and substandard tires which were the leading causes of accidents on motorways.
The SNST, also known as the Sofia Northern Bypass, is a 2x3 motorway shortcutting the Sofia Ring Road north of the city.
The demand comes after research showed prices at motorway stations could be over 10p a litre more than forecourts elsewhere.
You'll have seen this on lots of motorways, including the M25.
As motorway service stations are considered by fuel retailers as their most valuable sites, companies need to know where the opportunities for expansion on motorways are the greatest.
SCHOOLCHILDREN are putting their lives at risk by playing "chicken" on the motorway in Wirral.
The IAM conducted a survey on the introduction of SMART motorways and found 71% of drivers said they would feel less safe on a motorway with no hard shoulder than a motorway with one.
He said entry of PSVs with commercial loads on their rooftops has been banned on motorway as overweight vehicles pose a great hazard not only to other vehicles plying on motorway but also cause irreparable loss to the precious national infrastructure.
He said that it is a matter of great pleasure that performance of Motorways and Highways police is being appreciated on international level.