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MOURNING. This word has several significations. 1. It is the apparel worn at funerals, and for a time afterwards, in order to manifest grief for the death of some one, and to honor his memory. 2. The expenses paid for such apparel.
     2. It has been held in England, that a demand for mourning furnished to the widow and family of the testator, is not a funeral expense. 2 Carr. & P. 207. Vide 14 Ves. 346; 1 Ves. & Bea. 364. See 2 Bell's Comm. 156.

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My primary aim is to discuss fishing beyond its everyday qualities and as central to mourning rituals in Australia's north.
Iraq's holy shrine city of Karbala was gearing up for the climax of annual Shiite mourning rituals, with millions of pilgrims thronging the city amid tightened security.
Wu Kwok-kin, the owner of a shop that sells funeral wreaths, favours more traditional mourning rituals.
Even the African mourning rituals were not presented in an engaging way to add depth or color to the performance.
Mourning rituals, such as funerals, are important ways for people to remember the deceased and express their feelings.
The Interweaving of Rituals uses textile weaving as its central metaphor to demonsrrate how entrenched indigenous practices such as mourning rituals and burial practices were overlaid and intertwined with imported meanings and symbols.
Although Aghaie provides an impressive historical account of the ceremonies from the Qajar era to the present, he fails to comprehensively explain the historical formation of the mourning rituals in the early modern Safavid period of Iranian history, from the sixteenth to the early eighteenth centuries.