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The advantages of using a F-LMA during adenoidectomies include a better surgical visual field after the placement of the mouth gag and, by preventing the LMA tube from being compressed or kinked under the mouth gag (Fig.
03) two for proper ventilation and two after being displaced during insertion of mouth gag.
The Dingman Mouth Gag makes it possible for surgeons to perform corrective procedures especially in the small mouth of a child.
Sometimes called a Maunders Mouth gag used on pregnant ladies, it's a cone shaped wooden thing with a screw thread.
A mouth gag is inserted, and a tongue blade is applied to elevate the tongue base.
During oropharyngeal surgery, the mouth gag is typically suspended from the rim of the Mayo stand.
Something was then tied over the mouth gag and she heard a shout coming from underneath her, downstairs.