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The polymer is a hard, non-compressible thermoplastic material with several around teeth, hardening in minutes; the material reportedly dissipates impact forces without caving in; the guard is thinner than any other mouth guard, enabling wearers to drink and speak during use; the guard's chemical memory allows up to 20 remoulds for adjustments to changing teeth or to improve comfort.
McKeon president Dan Asma says the LunaGuard is the "thinnest and strongest" mouth guard on the market.
The orthodontic appliances may injure the lips and cheeks and a mouth guard may prevent laceration and bruising of the lips and checks during impact.
Recommendations to share with parents include anticipatory guidance in several key areas: household safety (gates on stairways, furniture protectors, removal of tripping hazards); mouth guards for competitive/contact sports; and management of dental injuries.
HISTORY: The exact origins of the mouth guard are unclear.
However, a recent study commissioned by the American Association of Orthodontists found that 67 percent of parents stated that their children do not wear a mouth guard during organized sports.
In the abstract, "Association of Helmet Brand and Mouth Guard Type with Incidence of Sport Related Concussion in High School Football Players," researchers tested various mouth guard brands, including custom-fit mouth guards, and new and older football helmets.
Jackie discovered that Ewan Bramley Dental Care in North Shields was able to offer the Somnowell mouth guard treatment, which is used for problematic snoring and obstructive sleep apnoea.
WASHINGTON -- Women who were able to bite down on a mouth guard had a significantly shorter second stage of labor, compared with women who didn't use a mouth guard, based on the results of a randomized trial of 64 women with uncomplicated singleton pregnancies.
After fitting me with a rather unattractive mouth guard, Dr Vidal applied whitening gel to my teeth and set to work with an LED laser to accelerate the whitening process.
If your child is a bad grinder, your dentist can fit a mouth guard they wear at night to sort it out.
Their motivation was hard to place, but Albina's boyfriend Ivan took no chances and quickly retrieved a mouth guard from his bag and popped it in.