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Developing mirror skills: The mouth mirror is a vital instrument that is used when performing a specific intraoral expanded functions.
These activities advanced from simple to complex and involved tracing patterns using the mouth mirror as a reference.
The basic tools necessary for an evaluation and screening include a mouth mirror, an explorer (pick), and a probe to evaluate the teeth and gums.
scraper, mouth mirror, a "fresh-o-meter" to test your breath and Listerine Active breath strips.
The subjects were examined in ordinary classroom chair using torch light and mouth mirror.
The assistant should visualize and be continually aware of the imaginary axis between the dentist's eyes and the viewing surface of the mouth mirror, so as to avoid placing the HVE attachment within this axis.
Prior to analyzing group data using chi-square or Fisher's exact test of significance, oral defensiveness data were artificially dichotomized to categorize those children who willingly cooperated with the oral assessment by opening their mouth, allowing for the insertion of the mouth mirror, and lifting of their lips, and those who would not allow these procedures.
Oral examination was carried out using mouth mirror and a blunt ball-ended probe on the dental chair using artificial light.